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Janna's Food Farm

Contact Info

Name: Janna Whitley
Phone: 256-627-9897
103 Coleman Drive


Janna's Food Farm offers chemical free heirloom vegetables, herbs, flowers, limited fruit, and cage free, soy free eggs. As a new CSA, there is not currently a supply of fruit, but it is being developed.

Delivery time and location can be determined.

Janna's Food Farm is family owned and operated. Our mission is to produce nutritious and healthful food that is picked ripe when nutrients are at their peak and delivered quickly. We are dedicated to the growth of chemical free heirloom fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Our practices for pest control include the use of Integrated Pest Management techniques, companion planting, and the assistance of fenced but cage free chickens and guineas. Our chickens are transitioning to non-soy, non-gmo rations. Our practices for soil amendment are cover crops, living mulches, composting and other organic amendments that are accepted by certified production.

CSA Details:
- Season: April through November
- Type: Single farm
- Since: 2009
- Full Share: $25/Week with 8 week minimum
- Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

- Janna's Food Farm
Contact:    Janna Whitley
Phone:    256-627-9897
Address:    103 Coleman Drive, Rogersville, AL 35652 

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