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Hurricane Farm

Contact Info

Name: Christopher Andrews
Phone: 860-465-9934
65 Kasacek Road


Please call for detailed information on our CSA. This will be a "meat-based" CSA featuring free-range chicken, all natural pork, grass fed beef, and free-range Heritage breed turkeys for Thanksgiving.

NOTE: We have a waiting list for our CSA for 2010, please call for more information.

Our Meat Products are available to purchase at the Coventry Regional Farmer's Market, the Scotland Farmer's Market, and always at our farm by appointment: 860-465-9934.

Located in Scotland in the "Quiet Corner" of Connecticut, Hurricane Farm is quite diversified. Offering All Natural Heritage Breed Pork, Dry Aged Grass-Fed Beef, and Free-Range Heritage Breed Turkeys, as well as maple syrup, free range eggs, firewood, and flavored vinegars, Hurricane Farm offers something for every season of the year. The farm also raises rabbits in a variety of breeds and builds wooden rabbit hutches and chicken coops as well.

Our pork and beef is USDA certified and all cuts are individually wrapped and packaged at a humane facility designed by Dr. Temple Grandin.

Come and visit our farm. Children welcomed and encouraged! See our Sheep, Cattle, Pigs, Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, wooded wet-land, and brook.

CSA Details:
- Season: June through November
- Type: Single farm
- Since: 2008
- No of Shares: 30
- Full Share:$350 for 6 months
- 1/2 Share: Partial shares available without chicken as well as WINTER CSA
- Work Req?No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

- Coventry Farmers' Market  (Sun)
Member are offered the option to pick up their shares at the Coventry Farmers' Market on Sunday mornings.
Contact:    Erica Andrews
Phone:    860-465-9934
Address:    Nathan Hale Homestead, 2299 South Street, Coventry, CT 06238

- Hurricane Farm  (Sun Mon Tue)
Contact:    Christopher Andrews
Phone:    860-465-9934
Address:    65 Kasacek Road , Scotland, CT 06264 

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