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Hudson Farms

Contact Info

Name: Jim Hudson
Phone: 205-523-1433
Website: Hudson Farms
22759 Old Jasper Road


We use no pesticides or fungicides csa is a 20 week period we deliver to the farmers market in tuscaloosa on tues and sat morning we also have home delivery We Have a Few Honets Nests And Gourd Bowls And Vases.

Hudson farms is a farm specializing in fruits and vegetables. We also have honey, sorghum syrup, eggs, soap, candles and crafts. We now are offering Grass Feed Beef.

CSA Details :
- Season: April through October
- Type: Single farm
- Since: 1990
- No of Shares: 100
- Full Share: $500/full share $25/week with a 8 week minimun
- 1/2 Share: $300/year
- Work Req? : No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points :

- Hudson farms  (Tue Sat) , tuesday 2pm till 6pm saturday 10am till 4pm
Contact:    jim & angie
Phone:    205-523-1433
Address:    22759 old jasper rd
berry, AL 35546

- Tuscaloosa farmers market  (Tue Sat)
Contact:    Jim & Angie Hudson
Phone:    205-764-4415 

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