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Grow Hartford CSA

Contact Info

Name: Rodger Phillips
Phone: 860-296-9325
86 Park Street, Second Floor


Grow Hartford, a project of the Hartford Food System, harvests thousands of pounds of organic fruits and vegetables at three different sites in Hartford. This project will operate for its eight growing season in 2011. Most of this produce is donated to social service agencies in the city, but a portion is available for sale to households through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership.

The Grow Hartford CSA is supported by members who purchase a "share" of the harvest for the year. The farm staff grows more than 35 varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs. Each Thursday between 4 & 6 pm, members come to Grow Hartford's Laurel Street site to pick up their produce. In addition, members can harvest pick-your-own crops such as herbs, cherry tomatoes and flowers.

A "share" is a portion of Grow Hartford's harvest from late July through early October. Households who buy a full share will receive approximately 140 pounds of a variety of vegetables and fruits, an average of 14 pounds per week, plus pick-your-own crops. A full household share is estimated to supply 2 adults and 2 children or 2 vegetable-loving adults.


Memberships are available for the 12-week season from July 14 through September 29. Shares are $ 350 for the season. Shares for low income families are $75

Grow Hartford, a project of the Hartford Food System, promotes a sustainable and equitable food system in Hartford by cultivating youth leadership and civic participation through agriculture. Grow Hartford operates three sites in Hartford's inner city that serve as outdoor classrooms for hundreds of Hartford young people and families.

CSA Details:
- Season: July through October
- Type: Single farm
- Since: 2008
- No of Shares: 30
- Full Share: $350/year
- Work Req?No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

- Grow Hartford C.S.A. Laurel St. Field  (Thu)
Thursday 4-6
Contact: Rodger Phillips
Phone: (860) 296-9325
Address: 75 Laurel Street, Hartford ,CT 06106

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