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Greenhearts Family Farm

Contact Info

Name: Paul Hamilton
Phone: 831-801-0611
989 Oak Street


Greenhearts Family Farm
Greenhearts CSA boxes contain environmentally and seasonally appropriate fruits and vegetables, with pasture raised poultry, eggs, grass fed beef, grass fed pork, artisanal products and flowers added according to availability and customer choice. Locally sourced from small, artisan organic farms and picked fresh, the Bay Area's premium produce is perfectly accompanied by our pasture raised poultry, eggs, beef and pork. A perfectly balanced selection of all your favorites and some new discoveries. Try the San Francisco Bay Area's premiere CSA, delivered right to your door.

San Francisco Bay Area Community Supported Agriculture Produce and Meat Delivery,Pasture Raised Organic Poultry, Grass Fed Beef, and Grass Fed Pork,Greenhearts delivers to San Francisco Bay Area families pasture based poultry and eggs, grass fed beef, grass fed pork and organic blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pluots, asian greens, heirloom lettuce and hundreds of other farm fresh organic vegetables and fruits.Greenhearts CSA is the perfect alternative to impersonal, huge CSA's. We cater to a select few Bay Area families who want sustainable agriculture, truly free ranging chickens and omega rich eggs, locally grown produce,Our poultry based crop rotation is a naturally weeded and fertilized sustainable agriculture farm system.

CSA Details:
-Season:February through November
-Type:Single farm
-No of Shares:100
-Full Share:$33 per week, Eggs, Poultry, Beef & Pork additional, Delivered to Your Door!
-Work Req?:No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Greenhearts Family Farm CSA
We deliver to your home or office! Forget drop-off locations, we take it right to your door!
-Contact:Paul Hamilton
-Address:989 Oak Street,San Francisco, CA 94117

San Francisco Bay Area  (Thu)
Anywhere in the Bay Area
-Contact:Paul Hamilton

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