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Green City Growers

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Name: Jessie Banhazl
Phone: 617-776-1400
11 Olive SQ


We build, design, and maintain individual and family-sized produce farms for your backyard, deck, driveway or rooftop. These raised-bed farms can be as small as 4'x4', and will supply you with an abundance of fresh, chemical-free produce year-round. Raised bed farms can be placed anywhere that receives 6 hours of more of sunlight. Backyard farming saves time and energy, while also cutting out the middle man and bringing the produce straight from your yard to the dinner table. We can also maintain the farm for you, so you don't have to get your hands dirty*!

We offer a diverse selection of Raised-Bed sizes and designs. From one-time consultations to fully weekly maintenance, GCG's comprehensive services will help you get growing, not matter what your skill level or budget.

For the same price as paying a landscaper to cut your grass, we will maintain your produce farm and do all the work for you, from planting to harvest. If you desire to maintain the farm yourself, we can work with you to make that possible.

We also work with restaurants, cafes, churches, temples, nursing homes, and other institutions.

Want to learn more? Email us for your Pre-Farm Checklist to see if we can work with your space. We can also send you a list of the produce you can grow from your farm, and a pricing chart.

or you have 3 kids you drive to soccer practice and ballet and karate and school everyday, or long hours at your job, or that "Black Thumb" doesn't seem to be getting any greener.

Green City Growers are passionate and experienced organic farmers with a background in urban farming. Operating in the Boston area, we build, design, and maintain raised bed, year-round produce farms built specifically for your yard, rooftop, driveway, or deck. We also offer institution and business-sized farms, educational programs, restaurant farms, and consulting services.

Our Raised-Bed Farms are personalized to your taste, offering fresh and diverse options that may not be available at the market, and that your whole family can enjoy.

GCG was established to offer a vital service to the community: fresh, affordable produce with a minimal output of energy and resources. We offer full maintenance plans, hands-on growing consultations, and educational programs.

CSA Details:
- Season:January through January
- Type:3rd party CSA service
- Since:2008
- Full Share:Prices depend on size of Raised- Bed installed
- Work Req?No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Green City Growers
Members receive all food grown in their yard in a basket on their back doorstep!
Contact:Jessie Banhazl

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