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Gardens of Huckleberry Hill

Contact Info

Name: Lynne Green
Phone: 256-268-1379
P B Bryant Road


Join us for our Summer 2011 CSA to enjoy fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. We deliver to Midtown Atlanta and a pick-up from the farm in Alpine, Alabama. Each week, our members receive 6 -8 types of produce...usually more during the peak time of the season. The season is from approximately late May/early June through September (a total of 16 weeks). A half share will supplement the meals of a family of two for one week (or one vegetarian); a full share will supplement the meals of a family of four for one week. Of course, all of this is only possible with Mother Nature's cooperation! Reservations by email must be made by February 15th and payments received by March 1st. Payments can be divided into two or three installments, with the first payment due March 1st, 2011 and final payment due no later than June 15, 2011. To receive a brochure, please send us an email.

We are a small farm operating a CSA for our seventh year! We deliver to Midtown Atlanta and also have pick-ups from the farm in Alpine, Alabama. We have always grown organically, but because of Federal regulations, we could not legally call ourselves "Certified Organic"...until now!! We recently passed the rigorous process that now entitles us to label our produce Certified Organic, and we are proud of that! In addition to growing organic fruits , vegetables, and herbs. We also raise meat goats and we are a breeder of great pyrenees puppies. We welcome you to contact us to inquire about joining our CSA and to come visit us on the Hill!

CSA Details :
- Season: June through September
- Type: Single farm
- Since: 2005
- No of Shares: 50
- Full Share: $440 for a full share for the 16 week season
- 1/2 Share: $230 for a half share for the 16 week season.
- Work Req? : No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

 - Birmingham area  (Sat) , TBD
Contact:    Sandra Simone
Phone:    (256) 268-1379

- Gardens of Huckleberry Hill ,At the farm!
Contact:    Lynne Green
Phone:    (256) 268.1379

- Midtown Atlanta
Members will pick up their shares at a Midtown Atlanta location. The day of the week and time are still to be determined, but will either be on Saturday mornings or Mondays.
Contact:    Lynne Green
Phone:    (678) 662-8140

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