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Freebird Farms

Contact Info

Name: Mark Bishop
Phone: 646-621-6434
2934 Sleepy Hollow


FreeBird Farms - Polyculture and alternative fuel for year-round production.

The best and most sustainable farming systems of today are utilizing farming procedures developed many years ago. Composting, vermiculture and aquaculture practices allow a "closed loop" food system of growing many different plants, veggies and fish in a way that naturally produces rapid growth of healthy plants and fish that needs no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Welcome to FreeBird Farms, where you can see this all in action and taste the fruits of this great eco-educational effort. Polyculture farming at FreeBird Farms will show our visitors how to join the growing movement to take commercial and residential farming back to the future! FreeBird Farms has also developed a unique way to heat their first greenhouse bio-thermally with the energy generated by SweetLand Soils' composting piles, right outside the greenhouse door.

CSA Details:
Season:  Year round
Type: Multiple farm
Since: 2010
No of Shares: 30
Full Share: $360 bi-weekly for 6 months
Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Freebird Farms
Contact: Mark Bishop
Phone: 646-621-6434
Address: 2934 Sleepy Hollow, brunswick, OH 44212

Kamms Corners, Cleveland  (Sun)
Members pick up their shares on Sunday mornings at winter farmer's market during it's normal hours. Cretan Center.
Contact: Jenny Burger
Address: 3853 W.168th St, cleveland, OH 44111 

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