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Family Heirlooms

Contact Info

Name: Zac Lamas
Phone: 510-552-3774
406 RH Road


1/3 our meat, 2/3 veges in each share- plus eggs, syrup etc. Call for better description, tired, need to check chicks

Hello! We're Family Heirlooms in Salisbury, NH. We raise, well, everything. We have about 100 layer hens free ranging, or in a portable coop, broilers out on grass from Spring till Fall, pasture raised pigs/pork, rabbit, and turkeys. We have a couple cows for raw milk. After taking care of them we try to keep up with our gardens. My grandfather (his place!) does organic corn, and mushrooms. I LOVE heirloom tomatoes, and grow about 40+ types, plus herbs, kales, greens, and squashes. Anyways, send us a line or come down. We are also trying to move more and more into farming with my grandfather's Norwegian Fjord horses.

CSA Details:
Season:  July through September
Type: Single farm
Since: 2008
No of Shares: 7
Full Share: $30 for full meat/vege week or $20 wk for vegetarian
1/2 Share: $20 wk for vegetarian
Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Family Heirlooms
Contact: Zac Lamas
Phone: 510 552 3774
Address: RH Road, Salisbury, NH 03268 

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