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Edge of Freedom Farms

Contact Info

Name: Tim And Carolyn Lane
Phone: 216-905-4353
5930 Vair Road


Once new members have joined the CSA, we will discuss as a group how the 2010 garden operation will be run. Edge of Freedom Farms wants this garden adventure to be for those people who enjoy gardening and view it more as a hobby than a job. The members will vote on which vegetables will be grown. Edge of Freedom Farms will provide a worksheet for volunteer hours to be covered by members. Equipment for gardening will be provided by Edge of Freedom Farms. As a group, members will lay out the beds, however the farm will prepare the beds with farm equipment. We encourage families and the elderly to take part in this new endeavor.

Edge of Freedom Farms is situated on 165 acres of land. One hundred acres are farmed in corn and soybeans. Forty acres are woods with horse trails. Twenty-five acres is dedicated to a private equine boarding facility. The orchard and berry/ vegetable garden covers approximately three acres.

CSA Details:
Season:  April through October
Type: Single farm
Since: 2009
No of Shares: 15
Full Share: $50/year
Work Req? Yes: 125

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Edge of Freedom Farms
Members will pick up their shares at the farm.
Contact: Tim & Carolyn Lane
Phone: 216-905-4353
Address: 5930 Vair Road, Charlestown Twp, OH 44266 

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