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B And H Organic Produce

Contact Info

Name: Erica Bowers Lavdanski
Phone: 610-372-8318
211 Twin County Road, Route 10


How it works: The produce will be harvested, cleaned, packed in a box, and delivered to the pick up location of your choice each week. Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays and the produce is picked on Tuesday. You will have the opportunity to view the items for harvest as of Friday evenings via our Blog. You will be able to request specific items you would like for the week by emailing us by Monday evening. We will do our best to fulfill your requests but cannot guarantee exact orders. You may contact us if you will not be able to pick up your produce that week. If you are planning on going on vacation you may have a friend or neighbor pick up your produce. If you contact us ahead of time we will be able to make special arrangements for you to get your produce. We will not be held responsible for items that do not get picked up and these will be donated to the host of the pick up site. The produce will be delivered in our wax boxes. Please bring a bag to remove your items from the box. We will ask that the boxes not be taken home. Our Farm: We are a small farm that specializes in growing greens (lettuces, salad mixes, kale, swiss chard etc). You can expect to have mostly greens in the beginning of the season. In mid season you may find the greens are a bit sparse due to the hot weather. We grow a lot of greens because they are nutritious, but also because they are a sustainable crop. A full share can expect to have at least 2 greens per box and 1 green for half shares. In addition, we grow unique colors and varieties of the vegetables and provide an array of heirloom varieties. Therefore our CSA is targeted towards members whom are adventurous in the kitchen and with their pallet. Our CSA is designed to have a strong relationship with the farmer and the consumer through regular communication. In addition this year we will be requiring members to work a minimum of 8 hours on the farm. We are interested in having our members create a close relationship with their food and their farmers. There is a wide variety of jobs on the farm as well as flexibility of hours. Vegetable Share: Please visit our website and blog to see what we grow www.bhorganicproduce.com. Note that the produce we provide is seasonal (fresh/local). For example, we will not be able to provide spinach in the middle of summer. In order to meet customer demands and to ensure variety of the vegetables in your boxes we will be ordering in selected items from a local certified organic farm. We hope this will help with our efficiency and cost effectiveness. A full share share receives 8 "items" per week. An item is a bunch or unit of produce which we package. We try to match this unit to what you would find in the grocery store. Some examples are: * 2# potato * 1 head leattuce * 1 bag salad mix * 2 # tomato * 1# peppers * 1.5# carrots or beets * 1# bunch greens such as kale or chard * 2# cucumber or summer squash * 1# beans

B & H Organic Produce is a small and growing market garden located in Morgantown, PA. It is the combined effort of Paul Hartz and Erica Bowers Lavdanski. A Pennsylvania Certified Organic farm which originally began growing grains and soybeans. From there it branched out to beef cattle and chickens. And now is moving onto produce. Hartz Natural Foods is the health food store located on the farm where you can purchase the farm's goods, fresh ground flour, as well as supplements and other healthy groceries. The beef is sold frozen and cut into roasts, steaks and ground beef. The chicken is also sold frozen whole or in breasts. B & H produce is sold in the store during the harvest season (June - November) featuring: greens, tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, fresh cut flowers, etc

CSA Details:

Season:  June through October
Type: Single farm
Since: 2008
No of Shares: 30
Full Share: Full Share $650 ( $600 if paid by March 1st or if picking up at Hartz Natural Foods or a returning member) (8 items/ week for 22 weeks)
1/2 Share: Half Share $375 (4 items/ week for 22 weeks) $350 for returning members
Work Req? Yes: 0

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

B & H Organic Produce / Hartz Natural Foods  (Wed)
Members pick up their boxes at Hartz Natural Foods on Wednesdays from 2pm till 6pm.
Contact: Erica Lavdanski
Phone: 610-372-8318
Address: 211 Twin County Rd, Morgantown, PA 19543

Shillington  (Wed)
Members pick up their deliveries on Washington St in Shillington on Wednesdays from 4pm till 8pm.
Phone: 610-372-8318
Address: 138 Washington St, Shillington, PA 19607

West Reading  (Wed)
Members pick up their deliveries on Franklin St in West Reading Wednesdays from 4:30 pm till 8pm.
Contact: Erica Lavdanski
Phone: 610-372-8318
Address: 330 Franklin St, West Reading, PA 19611 

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