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Rob's Fresh Produce

Contact Info

Name: Rob Glover
10618 Liles Road


Rob's Fresh Produce
Rob's Fresh Produce is a business that specializes in local, fresh produce.

CSA Details:
-Season:May through August
-Type:Single farm
-No of Shares:15
-Full Share:$300/year
-Work Req?:No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Nashville Ag Center  (Tue)
Members pick up their shares at 4:30-5:00p.m. every Tuesday.
-Contact:Andrew Strickland

Rob's Fresh Produce
-Contact:Rob Glover
-Address: 10618 Liles Road,Bailey, NC 27807

Rocky Mount Wal-Mart Parking Lot  (Tue)
Members pick up their shares every Tuesday in the RM Wal-Mart Parking lot between 5-5:30p.m.
-Contact:Andrew Strickland

To Your Home!  (Tue)
We can deliver to your home for a small extra fee! Contact us for more details.
-Contact:Andew Strickland

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