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Nook and Cranny Farm

Contact Info

Name: Bob Tuori
Phone: 607-539-6580
424 Harford Road


Our csa offers a large share of high quality seasonal vegetables. we grow without the use of any chemical pesticides or fertilizers and follow organic practices, although we are not certified. hoop houses are used for early harvest of summer specialties (melons, tomatoes, peppers, squash and eggplant) and for extended harvest of high quality greens and brassicas. several staple vegetables (garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, herbs, greens and lettuce) are offered each week throughout their harvest season. u-pick raspberries are available in the fall.

CSA in brooktondale/slaterville, NY, supplying vegetables and eggs. summer/fall shares (20 week) and fall/early winter extension shares (8 additional weeks) available. both full and half shares available. pick-up on the farm on Sunday afternoon/evenings

CSA Details:
- Season: June through December
- Type: Single farm
- Since: 2007
- No of Shares: 20
- Full Share: $465 for full share summer/fall (20 week), $160 for full share fall/winter (8 additional weeks), $3.50 for dozen for eggs
- 1/2 Share: $310 for half share summer/fall (20 week), $110 for half share fall/winter (8 additional weeks)
- Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

- Nook and cranny farm  (Sun)
Members pick up their shares sunday afternoon/evening at the farm
Contact: Bob tuori
Address: 424 harford Road.,brooktondale, ny, NY 14817 

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