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Marshview Community Organic Farm

Contact Info

Name: Shane Snipes
Phone: (843) 838-3709
12 Georgees Trail


How would it affect South Carolina? Marshview has been in Sara Reynold’s family for over a century. She serves as an example of how an individual with limited resources can garner a network of community support to make a small farm financially sustainable. Marshview also distinguishes itself from other CSA’s with a program to teach young people on St. Helena the value of farming, and along the way a little about running a business and how to cook healthy local meals (Gullah style!) What can you do about it? Participants in the Marshview CSA – either as shareholders or just volunteers – connect to the seasons of their food. They learn what makes or breaks a harvest, when it makes sense to eat eggplant, how to preserve food in order to eat local through the winter and most of all, what real food tastes like. Marshview depends on the active participants of its members and friends – buy a share or just join the email list as a friend.

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