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GingerSnap Hollow Farms

Contact Info

Name: Angela Magney
Phone: 706-564-6757
Highway 221


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between the consumer and farmer in order to provide quality farm products to a local area, thereby reducing the impact on the land and providing the farmer with an equitable income. A CSA allows share holders to put their money where their food really comes from, not the grocery check-out counter. The farmer grows for a local group of consumers thereby decreasing waste and improving efficiency. As the number of family farms decreases, our produce travels an average of 1500 miles. By being a part of a local CSA you are having a positive impact on your local environment and the world.

Our model of farming is very labor intensive as we do not use harmful chemicals or big machinery on our farm. This allows us to care for the land and tend to our animals in a way that benefits both.

We are offering an opportunity for you and your family to become a part of our farm. Buying into our CSA allows us to purchase enough supplies and do our planning ahead of time, to ensure we have enough product on hand.

GingerSnap Hollow Farms is dedicated to providing a healthy source of quality food.

We grow our vegetables eco-organically, providing a natural soil, free from harmful chemicals.

Here at GingerSnap Hollow Farms we are dedicated to providing quality antibiotic, steroid and hormone free poultry products. Our chickens are fed a diet of fresh pastured grasses and supplemented with grains mixed locally by a Mennonite farmer. Our chickens are moved daily to new pasture to ensure a healthier bird that does not need antibiotics, hormones or steroids to maintain health. In our efforts to grow healthier birds we are also giving back to nature with improved soil quality and supporting our local farming community.

CSA Details:

Season:  Year round
Type: single farm
Since: 2010
No of Shares: 20
Full Share: $240 whole share for a total of 4 months equalling 4 whole chickens per month.
1/2 Share: $126 half share for four months equalling 2 chickens per month.
Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

GingerSnap Hollow Farms
We deliver the first week of the month: Monday's North Augusta Tuesday's Evans Wednesday Downtown Thursday Appling, Harlem, Grovetown
Contact: Angela Magney
Phone: 706-564-6757
Address: HWY 221, Harlem, GA 30814 

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