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Darling Hill Community Farm

Contact Info

Name: Leigh Mae Friedline
Phone: 603-878-3130
621 Darling Hill Road


We grow a full compliment of fresh vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, and a limited amount of fruits for our farm community. The season begins on the first Tuesday in June and ends The Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Participants have access to pick up produce Tuesday and Saturday afternoons; partial shares pick up on only one of these days. Produce selection is free choice. Most is unbagged and unbunched, but thoroughly washed and displayed in our farm store.

Darling Hill Community Farm is a small diversified organic vegetable farm in Southern New Hampshire. The Farmers view the whole farm as a living organism this leads to a consideration of inputs and output, and building of fertility through organic, ecological and sustainable practices.

Our Mission

Darling Hill Community Farm conserves and beautifies the working landscape of Brookwood Ecology Center by cultivating the natural resources through agricultural stewardship of the land and place-based livelihood for the farmers. This work is practiced in ways that are: Ecologically Harmonious, Aesthetically Graceful, Technologically Creative, and Energetically Simplistic. This work provides a local, sustainable and secure source of food to the Farm Community, and to provide the Farm Community with the opportunity to celebrate and educate themselves in spiritual and practical aspects of place, agriculture and livelihood.

CSA Details:
Season:  June through November
Type: Single farm
Since: 2006
No of Shares: 40
Full Share: Full shares (feeds 2-5) are $670 and Bountiful Shares (feeds 6-9) are $800 per 25 week season
1/2 Share: Partial Shares (feed 1-2) are $460 per 25 week season
Work Req? Yes: 4

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Darling Hill Community Farm
Contact: Leigh Mae Friedline
Phone: 603-878-3130
Address: 621 Darling Hill Rd, Greenville, NH 03048 

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