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Applegard Farm

Contact Info

Name: Sofie Larsen
Phone: 603-781-7601
24 Beech Ridge Road


Sign up for a season of fun, tasty, and wholesome vegetables and greens to be picked up at the farm on Tuesday afternoons. Each week you will receive a varity basket with different vegetables in it, and each basket also comes with recipes and yummy suggestions for using your produce. Applegard Farm is a small farm in Southern Maine. We focus on heirloom vegetables and fun colorful varieties, and we offer CSA shares as well as taking our veggies to market. We also welcome customers at our farmstand.

Our growing practises reflect our care and concern for the environment: We work to promote soil health using 100% natural methods - no pesticides or chemicals - because we believe that will result in safe, healthy and nutritious vegetables.

Applegard Farm is a small 100% natural and pesticide-free farm in North Berwick, Maine. We grow fresh delicious vegetables that we bring to market, sell at our farmstand, and offer to shareholders of our CSA. For more information about what CSA is, you can look at the CSA-link on the left.

During the growing season (roughly June through October) the farm is open for retail of fresh veggies daily - but I don't tend to leave veggies sitting in the heat to spoil, so if you are interested, please browse the farmstand link on the left and give me a call - I would be delighted to harvest fresh vegetables for you!

My growing practises reflect my care for the environment. I work hard to promote healthy and nutritious soil for the veggies to grow in because I think that makes the veggies better and more wholesome to eat. I market the veggies to customers close by because I believe in providing people with fresh produce, but also because vegetables shouldn't have to travel thousands of miles in trucks before getting to their destination when they are in season right where you live. I believe in a small, local, and sustainable business model and hope my customers will appreciate my philsophy as well as the product!

CSA Details:
- Season: July through October
- Type: Single farm
- Since: 2009
- No of Shares: 10
- Full Share: $400/share
- Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

- Applegard Farm  (Tue)
Members can pick up their shares tuesday afternoon between 3pm and 6:30pm
Contact: Sofie Larsen
Phone: 603-781-7601
Address:24 Beech Ridge Road , North Berwick, ME 03906 

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