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WEAVE: A Multidisciplinary 3-Day Event in Western Mass

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Name: Kayaleya Hunnybee


INTENTION: To bridge the worlds of somatic awareness and exploration, bodywork & holistic wellness, and permaculture & wilderness skill - in dialogue & practice. To help encourage participants to build useful skills and bridge disciplines within their own lives and communities. To build alliances and connections among practitioners of diverse disciplines, which help a more integral sustainable culture to emerge.

We are producing the inaugural 3-day WEAVE weekend experience this Sept 8-11th at Earthdance in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts. It will be a unique 3-day experience, an exploration through various practices and perspectives, with content ranging from the inner landscape to the outer landscape, and all places in between. Check out the workshops page for a list of our amazing presenters and offerings! Expect permaculture, dance, innovative bodywork, herbal medicine, nature awareness and so much more to be part of YOUR weekend. One beautiful aspect of the WEAVE experience is that at every workshop session time, you will have a choice between two options of what you want to focus on at that time. So YOU create your own personalized, dynamic WEAVE experience. See our website for much more information, details and to register!

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