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Recycling Drop-off Center

Contact Info

Name: Anna Dunbar
Phone: 254 751-8536
2021 44th Street



We accept the following items regardless of residency. Please rinse items which have contained food or drink.

Plastics #1 - #7, all colors. We cannot accept Styrofoam.

Glass, clear, brown, blue and green.

Metal, including steel or “tin” cans, aluminum cans, and aluminum pie plates.

Paper, such as magazines, phone books, cardboard, junk mail, printer paper, envelopes with windows and stapled paper.

Cooking oil (liquid only, please no solid grease)

Computers and peripherals, excluding monitors

Household batteries and CDs/DVDs

Brush; clean brush only; please no trash

PLEASE NO: Binder clips or pizza boxes, aluminum foil, or Styrofoam or plastic bags

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