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Recycle Your Kid's Wardrobe

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Name: Gabrielle Fludd


Recycle Your Kid's Wardrobe


The average family spends about $600 per
child for clothing and accessories each year. Gumdrop Swap is a unique
spin on children's consignment that will allow you to buy stylish new
and gently used kids items for a fraction of what you have been
spending. You bring or mail your gently used children's items. We
"buy" your items
with credits called gumdrops. You use those credits to shop online or
in our boutique. We swap childrens' clothing sizes Newborn to 16 as
well as toys, books and shoes. The things not fit to swap are donated
to a local charity called Community Closet or repurposed into new
apparel, accessories or quilts. Our mission to waste as little as
possible keeps kids items in use an out of landfills.

Gumdrop Swap is based in Bridgeport,
CT. In 2009, Gabby F. was appalled to discover how many people throw
away clothes in great condition and pollute our landfills, especially
when so many families are struggling financially. As a new mom, she
knew how fast children grow and the strain to keep up with the demand.
She devised a way for parents to get rid of the things their kids had
outgrown and be able to get "new" clothes with little cost.
Consignment and resale shops often only accept certain brands or items
according to the current season, turning away quality clothing and
sending away unsatisfied customers. Gumdrop Swap takes all brands any
time of year as long as they are in good condition. When parents take
clothes to a consignment shop or donate them, they have to spend money
to replace those items. 

Gumdrop Swap charges a minimal swap fee which allows parents to SWAP
their unwanted items for credits (called "gumdrops") which they use as
currency to shop. If an item shows signs of wear or slight damage,
that item is donated to charity like Bridgeport's Community Closet. If
an item is not charity-worthy, it is used as scrap fabric to make new
apparel, accessories, and quilts. Gumdrop Swap Couture is a collection
of "repurposed" merchandise from salvaged fabric. We choose office
supplies made of recycled materials, whenever available and reuse
shipping materials to reduce waste. Customers are shipped purchases in
an inside out cereal box or the like.

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