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Laceyville to Wyalusing 2011 Cleaner and Greener event

Contact Info

Name: Richard Rodgers
Phone: 570-721-2317
284 Second Street


A spring weekend in May of 2011 marked our 4th year of such an event.
Every year we have grown in volunteers as well as our efforts of what we aimed to accomplish.
My name is Rich Rodgers and my wife (karen) and I started this out as just a main road clean up in our small town of Laceyville, ( approx. 1 mile long main road ) and then our vision expanded to include the main highway that runs parallel with our town and then also all the borough roads of our town as well as all the borough roads in Wyalusing and the highway between both towns. this past year we had 68 volunteers and picked up approximately 115 bags of litter and debris off the sides of almost 22 miles of roads. We are extremely proud and look forward to 2012 and a lot of opportunity to do what we do.
We are now a 501(c)3 non-profit org. and are looking to create a scholarship program in each of our local schools to benefit students that are community minded and are active in volunteerism. We intend to tackle roadside litter and hopefully some illegal dump sites. Our goal for this organization is to be active all year long with activities and education events as well as to host a weekend long festival to showcase how to live more responsibly, which would in part cover, buying local, reducing waste, recycling, volunteering, wind and solar energy, organic foods, low impact buildings and construction methods, etc.
We are a very small group of people committed to the environment and just living responsibly. Our needs are, help and guidance in how to approach companies to become a fiscal sponsor. Fiscal sponsorship to create a flow of funding that would allow us to operate all year long, and cover the gaps between our individual donations. We could really use the expertise of someone familiar with this type of organization, to help guide us more proficiently, as we are always battling time.

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