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Greater New Haven, Clean Cities Coalition, Inc.

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    The Greater New Haven Clean Cities Coalition, Inc. (GNHCCC), together with its partners, are currently underway with the development and implementation of a state-wide, fuel-neutral effort that will deploy over 260 alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) through incremental funding from the US Department of Energy and provide fueling capability for more than 20 additional fleet vehicles and fueling infrastructure necessary to directly support the vehicle deployments as part of the Connecticut Clean Cities Future Fuels Project. The project will increase the utilization of alternative fuels; strengthen the availability of alternative fuels for fleets and commercial consumers along major corridors in the state; raise awareness and foster greater understanding of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies through a targeted outreach and education effort; create and retain green jobs; reduce dependence on foreign oil; reduce harmful emissions; and contribute to a sustainable alternative fuels market.

        During the 4-year period of February 1, 2010 – January 31, 2014, the Connecticut Clean Cities Future Fuels Project will:

          • Make 5 Alternative Fuels Available at new sites;

          • Install or upgrade Alternative Fueling Infrastructure at 10 Distinctive Locations;

          • Deploy 269 Vehicles as part of the project;

          • Provide fueling for more than 20 Vehicles purchased outside the project;

          • Engage  more than 30 Team Member organizations;

          • Collect Data and Report to the USDOE and CT residents through the primary utilization of automated data collection equipment;

          • Train 1st Responders, site personnel and technicians on safe operation and fueling standards; and,

          • Implement the largest Education, Outreach and Marketing campaign in the history of the Clean Cities Program or Alternative Fuels in the state of Connecticut.

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