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Clean Air Cities

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Name: Rose Braz
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We need your city to join what The Salt Lake City Tribune calls "a growing movement among cities" that are part of the Center for Biological Diversity’s Clean Air Cities campaign. These cities have passed resolutions in support of using the Clean Air Act to curb climate change.

Superstorm Sandy, the warmest eight months on record, and a summer where drought blanketed four-fifths of our nation are stark reminders that climate change is here now. Although the Clean Air Act is our current best hope for clean air and a healthy climate, the Act is under attack. Cities can be powerful voices in the fight against polluters and in prompting much-needed climate action in Washington.

By passing this resolution, your city will join over 40 other U.S. cities in calling for and supporting use of the Clean Air Act to make meaningful, rapid cuts in greenhouse gas pollution.

Cities that have already passed a Clean Air Cities resolution include Los Angeles, Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Philadelphia, Miami, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, MO, Santa Fe, and smaller cities like Boone, N.C., Gary, Indiana, Teton County, WY and many more.

Please join us in taking big steps now to avoid the worst effects of runaway global climate change.

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