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Christmas Tree Recycling, Connecticut

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The National Christmas Tree Association estimates that 30 million pine trees in our country were turned into Christmas trees last season. We better put them to better use even after they have graced our living rooms. 

Live Christmas trees are rich raw materials that can be composted to nourish the soil. Along with them, you can compost the vegetable and fruit peelings from last Christmas and New Year eves’ dinners. But if you have already started the holidays right with your green thumb last Christmas with a potted Christmas tree, please go ahead accentuate your garden with it. Should you have a plastic Christmas tree, then you surely wouldn’t mind reusing it next year.

The Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association was organized in 1960 to encourage the development of the Christmas tree industry in the state of Connecticut.

The site is maintained for CCTGA members and for the public who buy "real" trees at Christmas. The site includes information about local tree farms, where to purchase trees, and how to care for them. The site also provides a list of officers, members and membership information.

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