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Fairfield County, Connecticut

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Name: Robert Sojka


Reduce Reuse Recycle

You may hear this very often, but these three words make the soundest environmental advice. Try not to add to the already heaping pile of trash on your rented dumpsters. Get in touch with your crafty side and engage in upcycling – a recreational activity of transforming recyclable materials into things of higher value than what it had originally been. Many people have already gotten profit out of this recycling ingenuity.

Use an eBook Reader

Technology has advanced to a point that we do not have to tear down as many trees as during the time of Edgar Allan Poe. Throw those old moldy books into the dumpster and let your roll off service recycle them into other types of paper. And remember those catalogs and newsletters you frequently get from the mailman? Most of them now have electronic versions. It will be a lot more convenient for you to carry those volumes of your favorite subscriptions around if they are saved in your tablet, rather than in their thick paper-and-cardboard releases.

The state of our air will be better if more of our trees are left standing. Take note that Fairfield Connecticut had been recently judged as the most air polluted county. So, we really need to work on this very fast.

Grow a Garden

The size of your future garden plot need not be of industrial proportions. If space is really a concern, flower pots and rectangular trays are good enough as startups. Remember that gardening is not only environmental, but is also therapeutic. Most of all, it is a practical way of teaching our kids that the food we eat come from living things, which need our constant attention and care.

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