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Charging Stations

Category: Transportation

Initiative Objective:

Norwalk Charging Station

Initiative Objective

For electric vehicles to have real success in our country, we need to create an infrastructure that supports recharging. Although the range of these cars is increasing, for electrical cars to be truly viable, charging stations need to be available throughout our towns and cities. There are hundreds of charging stations troughout the country, with the majority of them located on the eastern side of the country. As more of these stations are built, it will make owning an electrical vehicle much more practical and lead the way to a more sustainable transporartion infrastructure.

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Norwalk Charging Station
Location: Norwalk, CT
Mayor Moccia was interested in installing the electric vehicle chargers in advance of the roll out of the electric vehicles in January 2011
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EV Charging Station: Pay-by-Phone Option
Location: Westport, CT
On August 22, 2011, the town of Westport, CT officially unveiled its first electric vehicle (EV) charging station and became the first in the nation to offer drivers a pay-by-phone option
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