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Solar Beaverton

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Solar Beaverton is a community, bulk-purchase solar program led by the City of Beaverton’s sustainability program.  It is designed to:

•          produce renewable energy in our community

•          reduce green house emissions (GHGs)

•          simplify the process of installing solar

•          create jobs that support local contractors and manufacturers

•          help residents take advantage of financial incentives


The City wanted to increase the use of renewable energy to impact climate change and logically, solar energy produced and used at one’s house is extremely efficient.

Residents were inquiring about solar, however there had been few permits issued.  Current incentives were making solar very affordable. 

Mayor Doyle wanted to reduce emissions and simultaneously help residents take advantage of the incentives.

Initiating this pilot project needed Mayor Doyle’s support- it was new, environmentally focused, and non-traditional. 

This was the first solar program in our region led directly by a city.  It was initiated by a new Mayor through a newly created sustainability program, and clearly showed innovation and leadership in support of climate change. 

His support moved the project forward, overcoming internal and external obstacles.


In 2010, 50 homes installed solar systems in Beaverton through the pilot, another 12 installed outside of the pilot.  We collectively track the energy production of these systems and report it to the public.


So far, 50 systems have offset 33,681 pounds of CO2 (in 7 months), the equivalent of 16.0 mature trees.


220 installations (expected in the 2011) will reduce 277,186.50 pounds of CO2 per year and over their 25 year life, that is 7 million pounds of CO2!


This program is City led and spent very little city money.  The pilot was initiated and then a city-wide program was launched incorporating lessons learned.  This program has the largest, one time installation goal of 220 systems for a single community in the state of Oregon.


Solar Beaverton created precedence for including environmental and community elements in City proposals by asking vendors about their:

•          contribution to the community

•          sustainability practices

•          use of local products

•          employment practices


The city selected a partnership of four local companies that generated six jobs and donated a solar demonstration gazebo to our Farmers’ Market.


There was NO funding provided to the chosen contractor for Solar Beaverton.

The City conducted a competitive bid process to endorse a contractor through city marketing channels. 


Beaverton budgeted:

$15,000 -  marketing and program support

$19,000 -  AmeriCorps Member to coordinate


The City expects to generate $76,000 in permitting fees and $3 million in local business in 2011.


Quality of life is dependent on the health of our planet; this program impacts climate change through solar energy use.


Mayor Doyle believes in being a good steward of our planet. He continually reminds and challenges our community to do their part, which is a strong statement that the city cares about its environment, talks about it, and encourages local companies and residents to act sustainably.   He is truly a Mayor to emulate. 

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