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Category: Food

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

I am looking to co-op with local famers of the alachua county area in supplying fruits for an all organic smoothie stand. I am a young female interested in starting a small smoothie bussiness. I intend to make smoothies with the purest fruits, and the most nutritious ingredients such as wheat grass,coconut water,organic honey at a reasonable price. Plus much more once I get off my feet. I will deliver persistant,and inform each customer of the health benefits of the food selection they put in their smoothie. I will start out with a single stand then trasfer to a location that will provide internet access,positive energy towards people,and of course all recyclable,eco friendly products and a much bigger selection of smoothie ingredients. If you are a local famrer and are interested in helping me boost the economy and the spirit of our mother earth and her children please feel free to get involved with me. **earth blessings

Contact: Brittany Young

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Contact: Brittany young
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