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BYOB Art Contest

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Name: Jana Bertkau


Wilton Go Green brought this concept to the Board of Selectmen and obtained a grant to educate the residents about the negative impact of single use bags. Through an art contest conducted in the schools, the young people of Wilton become involved and the winning art designs were produced on 2,000 bags which were given away at the supermarkets. A baseline usage of single use bags was taken at the markets in January and this will be repeated at the end of the six months. If the stated goal of at least 50% of Wiltonians using reusable bags is not achieved, then Wilton Go Green will approach the Board of Selectman and ask for furthur action.

The Wilton Board of Selectman approved a $2,500 grant to Wilton Go Green for an educational campaign to inform Wilton, CT's residents of the negative impact of plastic and paper bags on the environment. Our goal is to get at least 50% of Wiltonians to use reusable bags. The campaign kicks off in January 2011 and features free bags and an art contest. Wilton Go Green and the Board of Selectman will examine the results of the six-month campaign to determine the appropriate next steps.

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