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Name: Julie Hancher


Philadelphia voted and rejected a plastic bag ban in June 2009. Yet, Mayor Michael Nutter has declared consistently that Philly is going to be the #1 greenest city in the US.

We, Green Philly Blog, were frustrated with this defeat 3 years ago, but decided to unite our amazing Philadelphia Bloggers to address this issue on their blogs, social media outlets and in person. Together, we can reach a wide audience of Philadelphians.

We're asking Philadelphia residents (and those who interact with Philadelphia/friends outside) to sign the petition that we'll send to the Mayor, Department of Sustainability and City Council: http://www.change.org/petitions/ban-plastic-bags-in-philadelphia

The petition will remain open until the plastic bag ban has passed. We will continue to update our progress on Green Philly Blog on a continual basis. Although we can’t share everything ahead of time, know that this is our battle to fight as Philadelphians.

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