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Ban Plastic Bags! Join with Other Communities Across the Country!

Category: Recycling

Initiative Objective:

Photo courtesy, The Drum, The Toxic Legacy of Plastic Bags

Initiative Objective

Support a national movement, to ban/reduce single-use plastic bags, town by town and state by state.

Share information on this topic locally and nationally by joing this initiative, and  adding your town, organization, community group or join as someone who cares about this, and is interested in seeing a reduction of plastic bags in our environment. Show your support and connect with others by joining this initiative and sharing it with people who support sustainability and the reduction of plastic in our environment.

Below, see what towns have already banned plastic bags and which towns are talking about it. 

You can make a difference by connecting with others and sharing this initiative. Collectively, we can create change and reduce the amount of plastic in our environment.

Questions about how to reduce plastic bags in our environemnt?

Ask the initiative support team a question at the bottom of this page or ask a GreenTowns Advisor.

Towns/cities that have banned plastic bags:



Long Beach


San Francisco

Santa Monica


Los Angeles County







Fort Stockton

South Padre Island




Towns/cities that are talking about banning plastic bags and/or encouraging residents to make a conscious decision to stop using them:

Calabasas, CA

Fairfax, CA

Glendale, CA

Wilton, CT

Austin, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Organizations that support a plastic bag free environment

Heal the Bay


Californians Against Waste

Litter-Free Long Beach

United Nations Environment Program

Your insights and encouragement can mean a lot to someone thinking about transplanting a great green idea to another community.

Consider joining the "No Plastic Bag" Initiative Support Team


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City Council passes ban unanimously; bill now goes to mayorRead more: http://www
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Banning of plastic bags
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Ban Philly Bags
Contact: Julie Hancher
Philadelphia voted and rejected a plastic bag ban in June 2009
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Carla asked:
I just signed up provincetown on Cape Cod. How do I begin to work with the town officials and community to make this happen?
Daphne Dixon answered:

Hi Carla, Thanks for your question. Do you have a particular area of interest or expertise? Are there any active, environmental groups in town? Daphne

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