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Name: lorraine doo
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The Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge (BNEC) began as a pilot program of the Baltimore Office of Sustainability and the Baltimore Community Foundation. In partnership with eight Baltimore neighborhoods selected for their diversity, we worked with community groups, neighborhood volunteers (Neighborhood Energy Captains), and residents to spread knowledge, resources, and motivation to help our communities save energy and money. Residents of the target neighborhoods, took the pledge and joined the challenge. They received a free pledge kit with some energy-saving tools, learned how you can save energy, connected with neighbors, accessed BGE data to understand their energy use, plan home energy projects, and connect to local contractors, programs, and services that can help you save energy. For people who do not live in one of our target neighborhoods, it is still possible to sign up and participate through the website. Contact us: If you are a resident and would like to join the challenge, please take the pledge here. If you have questions about how the program works or about partnering with BNEC, please contact Program Coordinator Alice Kennedy or (410) 305-9124. If you are local service provider and would like to be listed in our Marketplace and Programs directory, please enroll here.

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