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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) Through Urban Agriculture

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Name: Dana Harris
Phone: 678-570-0398
779 Atwood Street SW


By utilizing urban agriculture as a training tool for growth & sustainability, Atwood Community Gardens will be able to integrate a series of interconnected programs that positively strengthen our schools, churches, communities, therapy programs, day camps, summer camps, senior citizens’ programs, colleges, and universities. This includes the connection to reducing or eliminating chronic diseases directly related to the diet, boosting economic development that affects businesses and growth, and providing direct introductions to careers and industries that rely on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
“Watch Me Grow” S.T.E.M. Curriculum

Watch Me Grow is a horticulture therapy curriculum that places equal emphasis on developing students’ practical skills through hands-on activities. It aids in improving their abilities to understand abstract concepts, use scientific reasoning, and perform applied mathematical calculations. It also helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and alleviate anxiety issues.

The Science Behind Our Food Lesson Plans

The Atwood S.T.E.M. Cafe will serve as our outdoor “lab” to help kids make the connection between food grown at Atwood Farms and the food they eat at home or in restaurants. We will do so by using the Science Behind Our Food lesson plans.

Herb & Farm Summer Internship Program

Each year, the Herb & Farm Summer Internship Program helps students form a junior farm management team at Atwood Community Gardens. This program fosters a grassroots activism among students and their families as they help us create and sustain a local food market, S.T.E.M.-based sustainable practices, community outreach to promote health and wellness education, and special event management in urban agritourism.

The Herb & Farm Summer Interns become advocates in raising awareness of how the life cycle of organically grown food can positively impact the environment and improve economic development opportunities within their community.

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