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1000 Friends of Connecticut

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Name: Nicole Strack


1000 Friends of Connecticut is dedicated to growing a healthy economy with choice in transportation, housing and education; and respect for farmlands, open space, natural and historic resources. Sprawling development doesn’t have to continue, instead 1000 Friends is creating a Connecticut where Growth patterns maximize pre-existing public investments in roads, rails, water, sanitation, and information infrastructure; Ridge lines, white cedar swamps, kettle pools, estuaries and the Sound are preserved; Farmers propagate cows, chickens, produce, nursery crops and an agricultural future; Historic town centers are protected; Mixed-income and multi-racial neighborhoods thrive; Kids in cities, suburbs and small towns alike are equally and well-educated; Moms and Dad have jobs that are within an easy foot, bike, bus, rail or automobile commute, and People live in communities that are beautiful and unique and reinforce the sense that this is Connecticut!

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