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About GreenTowns

Foundation and Philosophy

GreenTowns supports the growth of sustainable communities by unifying people around three powerful forces:

  • Awareness. An outpouring of sustainability projects and initiatives are flowing through communities across the country. Most people, at some level, are interested in living on a healthier planet. Recent economic and environmental realities have brought “green” closer to mainstream culture than ever before. Most people, at some level, are interested in living on a healthier, less wasteful planet, and want to find ways to make a difference.
  • Empowerment. From community members to international corporations, people are launching important initiatives that are creating the foundation of sustainable communities and bringing people together around the greater good. Most Americans support small, at-home measures like recycling, as well as large efforts like the development of electrical vehicle charging stations. Americans have a thirst for learning more about ways our country can become greener, want to know more about what is going on locally, and are interested in participating in the process. New green businesses are opening every day and are meeting the demands of customers who support sustainability, creating new jobs and a new, green economy.
  • Network. The GreenTowns network connects 15,000 communities, around both town-specific initiatives and large-scale efforts. The network provides one place where people can share the good work that is going on in their community. This sharing of information and resources will hasten sustainability efforts across the country. GreenTowns exists to support this vision, accelerate awareness and help community members to embrace sustainability as the standard for every town.

GreenTowns invites everyone to share profiles and initiatives. Locals can discover (and get updates on) what is going on near them, and can discover what other communities are doing that they might want to adopt in their community.

GreenTowns also has category advisors available to answer questions, and help people learn more about specific issues or initiatives.

Ultimately, people who participate in the process of sharing green information and who want to live in sustainable communities will define GreenTowns.

The GreenTowns' Philosophy

A growing number of people want to be environmentally responsible, but are not sure where to begin. Others are working hard, championing green initiatives in their communities and leading the way. GreenTowns seeks to support both groups, and those in between, with the following three principles:

  • Environmental stewardship is everyone's responsibility. By changing our day-to-day habits, making conscious decisions about the things we buy, the transportation we choose, and the food we eat, we can create a culture of sustainability.
  • Real change requires incorporating sustainable options into everyday life. Smart sustainability is not a sacrifice, but instead is affordable and efficient. As a society, we need to support this paradigm shift, encouraging and educating our friends and neighbors on the advantages and opportunities sustainability provides.
  • Each one of us can take part in building sustainable communities. Each of us can support green initiatives and share information with our community. We can also celebrate green living in ways that inform, inspire and welcome everyone’s participation.

Our country has a history of local heroes who have identified and solved problems by working together. That spirit, together with today’s technology, will lead to broad understanding and effective solutions to today’s challenges and opportunities of sustainability.

GreenTowns is a catalyst; connecting, sharing, and celebrating green initiatives that are taking root in communities throughout the country. Together, we will make a difference. Join the GreenTowns network.

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